60 seconds onsite with Steve Evans

Steve Evans - White Horse Contractors

1. What sites are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working as a contract manager at The Vale Hotel, Golf and Spa Resort, where we are constructing elite sports facilities for the WRU (Welsh Rugby Union).

2. What is the best site you have worked on and why?
The Chelsea Training Ground project is the best site I've worked on. This was mainly down to the client, Chelsea Football Club's friendly and helpful site staff. We were made to feel very welcome during our stay. The training ground's surrounding countryside near Cobham in Surrey also made this a pleasant project to work on.

3. And the worst?
The most demanding site I've worked on was in Brunei, where we were constructing Polo fields for the Sultan. The extreme heat there made for difficult conditions to work in. Of course, the exotic location more than made up for the tough weather conditions though!

4. What's the most dangerous thing you have ever seen someone do on site?
Nothing springs to mind. White Horse Contractors takes Health and Safety very seriously and so all staff are fully trained to handle machinery correctly and act in a responsible way on site.

5. What's the most frequently broken health and safety rule?
Since the smoking ban came into place a couple of years ago, this is now the most frequently broken rule. It is difficult to control on a landscape construction site, mainly due to the size of some sites. It is also because of the issues associated with an outside space, where it is normally appropriate and legal to smoke, yet when on site it is considered to be the workplace for the duration of the project. Because of this grey area White Horse Contractors always makes it very clear from the very beginning of a project that this is a place of work and therefore smoking is not allowed.

6. What are the three most important elements of a well-run, happy site (aside from good health and safety)?
Good morale, a sense of humour and an integrated support network are the most important conditions to apply on site. It is important to surround yourself with a group of people who are dedicated to the project and have a good attitude towards their colleagues. This builds camaraderie and also ensures everyone behaves in a responsible way to each other, keeping health and safety issues top of mind.

7. Who makes the best tea on your current site and what's their secret for the perfect cuppa?
Everyone on site chips in but Paul is usually the first on site in the morning so he makes the first cup of the day, which is always the best!

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