About us

White Horse Contractors Ltd was founded in 1957 in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire and since March 2019 has been a member of The Slatter Group.

The company has expanded from an agricultural, land drainage and irrigation contractors background, and taken its specialist skills into the leisure, amenity and environmental markets.

Equipped for the 21st century, the company owns, maintains and operates a modern fleet of plant and equipment, undertaking a diversity of operations including earthmoving and landscaping works. White Horse Contractors Ltd pioneered the development of specialist sports field trenchers for use on existing turf surfaces, with full laser grade control and an additional facility for elevating excavated soil directly into transport.

Its expertise is not confined to sports facilities; in recent years the company has designed and constructed nature reserves, wildlife habitats, reservoirs, lakes and ponds throughout the United Kingdom.

Offering a complete package, from initial  design  through to construction, White Horse Contractors Limited is committed to providing a product of quality and ensuring Client satisfaction.