Land Drainage Case Studies

As leaders in the design and construction of highly effective land drainage systems, White Horse Contractors deliver better results for our clients, in less time, with greater efficiency. Our land drainage case studies demonstrate our wealth of experience in the design, innovation, and construction of effective land drainage systems.

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Bespoke land drainage scheme for Woburn Deer Park, enhancing their feeding capabilities

Bedford Estates Deer Department required a capable contractor with the correct machinery to install sufficient pipework to improve drainage rates and ultimately increase feeding capabilities for the 9,000 head of deer at Woburn Deer Park.

Key Achievements:

  • Design and installation of an bespoke land drainage system to ensure accessibility to feeding areas in wet periods
  • 1,400 tonnes of backfill aggregate added
  • Installation of over 14,000m of pipe

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Two Fields Drained in Oxfordshire for Pick Your Own Farm

This Oxfordshire Farm operates a successful Pick Your Own business. This year, White Horse Contractors installed a new agricultural land drainage system to restore unproductive fields and increase the yield potential of the business, in the future.

  • First use of XUV Utility Gator vehicle to survey the fields
  • Design and installation of an effective agricultural land drainage system
  • Identification and neutralisation of subterranean risk
  • Installation of over 7000m of pipe

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Agricultural Land Drainage for Northamptonshire Farm

White Horse Contractors designed and installed a successful agricultural land drainage system at the farm, improving land yield by increasing the window of opportunity for cultivation and seeding.

  • Effective interception of multiple feeds of water
  • Successful design and construction of land drainage across two farmers’ fields
  • Installed a comprehensive network of pipes at varying sizes and lengths
  • Effective interception of multiple feeds of water
  • Extended the window of opportunity for cultivation and seeding

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Gloucestershire County Cricket sports ground drainage

Predominantly shale and clay based, the ground in the outfield area was especially prone to flooding, as rainwater could not naturally drain away. As such, heavy rainfall often caused the pitch to become waterlogged due to the high levels of standing surface water.

  • Installation of more than 4km of drainage.
  • Improvements to the storm water infrastructure.
  • Installation of a new attenuation tank and automatic irrigation system.

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Magdalen College Oxford Sports Pitch Drainage

One of the most logistically challenging drainage projects faced by White Horse Contractors faced was the draining of the sports pitches for Oxford’s Magdalen College School.

  • Sports located on an island encased by the River Cherwell.
  • Access to the sports field is via two metre wide, wooden bridges with a maximum load of 2.5 tonnes.
  • Plant and equipment were stripped down in order for the crane to manoeuvre the machinery to the sports field.
  • Over 5.5km of drains were installed in the ensuing four weeks of contract works.

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