Reservoir and Lagoon Construction

White Horse Contractors are experts in reservoir and lagoon construction. We design and build reservoirs and lagoons, meeting demanding technical and environmental specifications for clients, in the sport, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

We work closely with you to provide expertise through the design and planning stages and ensuring that your reservoir or lagoon is constructed to efficiently meet or exceed your objectives.

Accredited and certified by leading trade bodies including Constructionline we hold ISO 9001 certification and are members of the GMA and NAAC. We have 60 years of experience in agricultural construction and deliver works in full compliance with government regulations (SSAFO).

Call 01865 736 272 or email to discuss your reservoir or lagoon.

Reservoir and Lagoon Services

Our full time in-house team provide a full range of lagoon and reservoir construction services including

  • Reservoirs and irrigation systems
  • Water storage lagoons
  • Slurry storage lagoons
  • Stormwater attenuation reservoirs
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Lake liner selection and installation
  • Landscaping and planting
  • Design and technical drawings
  • Perimeter fencing and access roads
  • Landscaping and planting
  • Maintenance, de-silting, and dredging
  • Reservoir and Lagoon Construction

    Every construction site presents a unique set of challenges and we develop a bespoke plan for each project to deliver your specific objectives.

    Our team work with you to define your goals and explore the options to identify the most effective and efficient materials and construction plan for the project.

    We have successfully delivered significant water engineering projects for clients including Jaguar Land Rover, the RSPB, London 2012 Olympics, Ramsbury Brewery, and Foxcombe Farm.

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      1. Initial Site Visit

      The first stage in our project process is to visit the site and discuss the purpose and requirements for the new lagoon.

      We will consider the reservoir specifications, noteworthy physical features of the site, site access points, and opportunities to access utilities infrastructure.

      Our discussion will also cover any arising feasibility issues, planning and regulatory considerations, timescales and budget.

      Please contact us to discuss your lagoon or reservoir construction project.

      2. Design Proposal

      The insight gained from the site visit will be used to develop a design proposal for a reservoir or lagoon that will meet or exceed operational requirements.

      The proposal will include first draft drawings to illustrate how the lagoon will look with careful consideration to it's relationship with the surrounding landscape.

      The proposal will also outline our material specifications and include estimated costs and timescales. The design often inspires further discussion and the opportunity for you to make changes and refinements.

      3. Topographical Survey

      Following client feedback and revisions to the Design Proposal we execute a topographical survey. This survey measures land rise and fall across the site enabling us to accurately calculate how the required reservoir volume is best accommodated. within the allocated area

      which enables to produce a detailed and fully costed proposal.

      During this process we dig a series of trial holes and undertake detailed ground analysis to better understand groundwater behaviour across the site and the composition of the ground. This helps us to refine our excavation plans and amend costs accordingly

      4. Technical Drawings & Costs

      When the topographical investigation work is completed we develop a comprehensive plan of works with full specifications, detailed technical drawings, the project plan and detailed costs.

      The technical drawings are often required for planning applications. We are happy to provide technical information and support throughout the planning process. Contact us to learn more.

      5. Specialist Surveys

      We regularly work with with independent experts, including ecologists and archaeologists, who may be required to attend the site as a condition of planning approval. We can manage and schedule these surveys to minimise disruption and maintain project momentum.

      6. Value Engineering

      We are committed to delivering customer value. Throughout the planning of your project we will seek to identify smart solutions to reduce costs.

      This may include the identification of opportunities for the on-site redistribution or re-purposing of spoil arising and benchmarking of liner acquisition costs against ongoing maintenance to ensure our plan returns maximum value now and in the future.

      7. Construction

      White Horse Contractors operate an ongoing program of investment in specialist plant, machinery, and staff training. Lake construction works are carried out by our own in-house team using our wholly owned equipment. This depth and strength enable us to overcome any unforeseen obstacles and ensure that your project remains on schedule.

      Logistics are carefully planned in advance and our Health & Safety Manager will create a dedicated H&S plan for your project before site mobilisation commences.

      We will liaise with you throughout the project, keeping you up to date with progress, and milestone achievements. When the works are complete, we will rapidly de-mobilise the site and ensure the safe and efficient removal of all machinery and equipment before comprehensively tidying the site for you to enjoy your new lake.

      8. Privacy and Confidentiality

      With a client base incorporating multi-national companies, High Net Worth individuals, environmental organisations, and land owners our water engineering team understand the importance of privacy. We respect client confidence and will work with you to develop a plan of works that accommodates your requirements.

      9. Safety and Environment

      Mitigating environmental impact is a core value of White Horse Contractors. We are proud to have delivered wetland and ecological projects for clients including the Environment Agency, the National Trust, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

      10. Accreditation

      We are recognised, accredited and certified by key governing and advisory bodies for your peace of mind. These encompass quality management, supply chain, procurement and risk management systems.

      Reservoir and lagoon construction costs

      Reservoir construction costs depend on many variables which include but are not limited to the volume of water to be accommodated, site topography and conditions, landscaping, site access and removal of spoil. However, as a guide price you might expect to spend* £35,000 - £1M+ to build a new lagoon or reservoir.

      *Costs serve as a guide only. Every site is unique and specifications vary widely making ‘standard’ prices impossible to quote. The cost of your project may exceed these guide prices. For an accurate estimate please contact us.

      Reservoir and lagoon construction timescales

      It is impossible to define a ‘standard’ construction timescale due to a range of variables such as the size of the excavation area, the ground composition, and any related works such as fencing and landscaping. However, as a guide you might reasonably allow 4 – 6 weeks for the construction of your lake.

      Examples of Work

      Please visit our water engineering Case Studies and Gallery to see some examples of our reservoir and lagoon construction projects.

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