GrassMaster Hybrid Turf

GrassMaster is the original and leading hybrid turf technology, 100% natural grass reinforced with 20 million injected fibres, trusted by elite sports teams and tournaments across the world.

White Horse Contractors partner with GrassMaster Solutions, part of the Tarkett Sports Group, to offer hybrid turf sports construction in England and Wales.

GrassMaster technology

Launched in 1989, GrassMaster was the first hybrid turf in the world and has become a name synonymous with elite sports teams and major sporting events.

With 31 years’ experience in the field and the might of the Tarkett Sports Group behind them, GrassMaster offers the latest, patented, hybrid turf technology providing the playing performance of 100% natural grass with consistency, stability and smoothness for up to 1000 playing hours per season.

What is GrassMaster hybrid turf?

GrassMaster hybrid turf pitches consist of 100% natural grass reinforced with 20 million in-house produced high performance monofilament fibres (HPF). The fibres are injected 18cm deep into the ground, protruding 1.5-2cm above the root zone surface providing vertical reinforcement to the pitch.

The fibres provide an anchor around which the grass roots can intertwine, add stability to a predominantly sand-based structure and maintain the uniformity and even level of the playing surface.

Trusted by the greats

Over 5 million m2 of GrassMaster Solutions hybrid turf has been installed worldwide, with GrassMaster hybrid turf pitches utilised in the FIFA World Cup, Premier League, Rugby World Cup, NFL and UEFA European Championships.

15 Premier League football clubs play and train on GrassMaster Solutions hybrid pitches, including Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

What do you get with a GrassMaster hybrid turf pitch from White Horse Contractors?

  • Over 60 years’ expertise in specialist sports construction

  • Latest patented technology from the original hybrid turf pioneers

  • Playing performance of 100% natural grass

  • Consistent performance, stability and smoothness

  • Up to 1000 playing hours per season

  • 3x more capacity and 8x higher drainage capacity when compared to natural grass alone

  • All weather system suitable for all climates and weathers

  • Adaptable to different sports with adjustable hardness, traction and bounce

  • Load bearing capacity makes for easy swapping between sports and events for off-season

With 800 worldwide installations, GrassMaster hybrid turf pitches are proven to last for 15 years or more and are perfect for elite-level tournaments, state of the art training facilities and multifunctional sports venues with packed schedules.

Contact us to find out more about GrassMaster’s leading hybrid technology.

Lay and play with PlayMaster

If you’re looking for a lower-cost hybrid turf option that allows you to maximise your events calendar during the off-season, PlayMaster from GrassMaster Solutions may be the right choice for you - find out more.

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