PlayMaster Hybrid Turf

PlayMaster is the innovative lay-and-play hybrid turf solution from GrassMaster Solutions, the original hybrid turf pioneers. The carpet based hybrid turf offers fast installation and instant playability, enjoyed by likes of Tottenham Hotspur, AFC Ajax and Juventus FC.

White Horse Contractors partner with GrassMaster Solutions, part of the Tarkett Sports Group, to offer hybrid turf sports construction with both GrassMaster and PlayMaster surfaces in England and Wales.

PlayMaster technology from GrassMaster Solutions

As the original pioneers of hybrid turf technology in 1989, GrassMaster Solutions are a leading producer of hybrid grass pitches, with over 800 installations worldwide, to the highest levels of elite sport.

PlayMaster was developed in 2016 by GrassMaster Solution’s pioneering R&D team, backed by the might of the Tarkett Sports Group. With 31 years’ experience, the company identified the need for a ‘lay and play’ hybrid turf field that would instantly deliver their proven quality for venues with busy schedules.

This instant playability enables venues to maximise their lucrative events schedules during the off-season. With natural grass sods grown in specialist nurseries, PlayMaster removes the growing-in time for hybrid turf pitches, offering quick installation, with the turf ready to play instantly.

What is PlayMaster hybrid turf?

PlayMaster hybrid turf is a carpet-based technology with synthetic fibres that give horizontal reinforcement to the natural grass. PlayMaster can be grown and harvested in specialist nurseries, meaning that your turf is ready to play upon installation.

The patented spray coating process on the carpet backing leaves room for drainage and oxygenation while promoting optimal root penetration, guaranteeing the best agronomic conditions for natural grass.

The in-house synthetic fibres reinforce the sub-base, protruding 2cm above the surface providing resilience and resistance, with the superior tuft lock preventing fibre release under hard conditions.

Trusted by the greats

PlayMaster’s ready to play installation option has been welcomed by stadium managers who operate a busy out-of-season events calendar, such as Henk van Raan, Chief Innovation Officer at the Ajax Stadium in Amsterdam. Van Raan spoke of the superior quality of their PlayMaster hybrid pitch, which they replace just once per year, saving in hassle and maximising capacity compared to the 2-3 natural turf pitches they were having to install per year previously.

PlayMaster provides the flexibility multi-functional venues desire with the quality performance needed for both match play and training, with installations at Tottenham Hotspur, Atlético Madrid and Juventus FC.

What do you get with a PlayMaster hybrid turf pitch from White Horse Contractors?

- Over 60 years’ expertise in specialist sports construction
- Fast, expert, installation with immediate playability
- Compatability with a variety of sub-bases
- Fast recovery, easy to change damaged areas
- Renovation or restyle in just days using existing sub-base
- Sods harvested from specialist turf farms mean PlayMaster can be installed at any time of year
- Weather-proof, level and uniform playing surface improving the look of the natural grass
- Supports intensive sports and super-charged events program
- Lower investment threshold
- On-site cultivation option
- Can be moved or re-used at another stadium or training ground

What’s the difference between GrassMaster and PlayMaster?

GrassMaster is the original hybrid turf solution, installed directly on site with 100% natural grass grown in and reinforced with 20m high performance monofilament fibres, injected 18cm deep into the ground. This injection system provides vertical reinforcement to the pitch, protruding 1.5-2cm above the root zone surface.

PlayMaster offers a more economic hybrid grass installation, featuring a carpet-based turf system that can be cultivated in specialist off-site nurseries with natural turf sods, offering a lay-and-play solution with artificial fibres that provide horizontal reinforcement to the pitch.

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