Pond and lake construction for private clients

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White Horse Contractors are a leading provider of pond and lake construction services for private homes and estates across Central and Southern England. Our full-time, in-house, water engineering team work with property owners and their representatives to design, plan, and construct a broad range of lakes and landscape water features. We regularly deliver projects for high profile clients and understand the importance of privacy - We deliver our services with empathy and discretion.

Waterscaping from concept to completion

With a history spanning six decades White Horse Contractors is a market leader in the provision of water engineering solutions to land owners, charities, and environmental agencies.

Each site presents a unique set of construction challenges. Our clean sheet approach enables us to identify these challenges and develop bespoke solutions to ensure the efficient construction of your lake or water feature.

We work closely with you to gain a detailed understanding of your vision. Utilising our expertise and experience we develop a fully costed construction plan to seamlessly deliver your project from concept to completion.

Water features and services

  • Lake, pond, and swimming pool construction
  • Waterfalls, weirs, and fountains
  • Boathouses, bridges and jetties
  • Reed beds and wetlands
  • Boreholes and private water supplies
  • Maintenance, renovation and restoration

“The investment in the lake has transformed the whole lifestyle of the estate. It has attracted wildlife, swans, geese and a multiple variety of ducks. We have enjoyed the fishing, and have already caught a 6lb trout. As we walk around the lake it enhances our day. We would be delighted to provide a reference.”

Owner, Private Estate, Wiltshire

Lake design and planning

From lake and pond design ideas to planning applications and liaison with local authorities we can manage every stage of your project. To assist you in visualising ideas and plans our in-house design team can create concept drawings and technical designs.

  • Site surveys and assessments
  • Concept designs and technical drawings
  • Planning applications and project management

Our process begins with a topographical survey to understand rise and fall across the site. We then conduct a site investigation to develop an understanding of the ground across the site. Through the identification of rock and sand we are able to accurately forecast excavation requirements and costs.

Through this work we gain an understanding of groundwater behaviour across the site. We identify ground water sources which are low in nutrients and suitable for maintaining water levels in your pond. These low nutrient sources reduce the chances of unsightly algal blooms in your lake to retain the desired aesthetic and reduce maintenance costs.

““I have been meaning to write to you on behalf of the Owner of the Estate to express his very great satisfaction in the work that your firm undertook to create a wonderful new lake. The end result was delivered on time and on budget and has exceeded all of the original hopes and expectations of the Owner.”

Lauren Meek, Owners Representative, Private Estate

Lake and pond construction

All elements of lake construction are executed by our in-house teams. We have invested in state-of-the-art plant and equipment, specifically designed for water engineering, and in the training and development of a highly skilled and professionally qualified workforce.

Our excavation, earthworks, and construction personnel are all experienced in working across difficult terrain, and through challenging conditions, to overcome problems and achieve strict deadlines. Staff are familiar with sensitive environments and understand the importance of respecting client privacy and operating with discretion.

Our work is conducted with a focus on safety, longevity, and sustainability to deliver your objectives on time and on budget. Projects are planned and executed in co-ordination with our in-house Health & Safety Manager and overseen by our dedicated water engineering Contract Manager.

We are recognised accredited and certified by key governing and advisory bodies for your peace of mind. These encompass quality management, supply chain, procurement and risk management systems.

“I was most impressed with the consistent professionalism of the company’s team – from supervisors to ground workers – and look forward to working with it on future projects.”

Dr. Chris Weedon, Director, Watercourse Systems

Pond and lake construction costs

Lake construction is a specialised and highly bespoke undertaking with numerous site and design dependent variables which must be considered before a cost can be calculated. For these reasons we regret that we cannot offer an 'off-the-peg' lake construction cost.

White Horse Contractors always aim to deliver maximum value for money. Our lake construction proposals are fully costed and are designed to maximise cost efficiency for you over the lifetime of the lake. We use our experience to reduce your costs by reducing waste throughout the construction process and through detailed analysis of whole life costs (construction plus future maintenance).hen considering lake construction costs it is important to factor in

Materials analysis and selection Our recommendations aim to reduce the lifetime cost of the lakes, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls by balancing factors such as material acquisition costs, installation costs, manufacturer guarantees, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Redistribution of waste Excavating land to build lakes and ponds can generate significant amounts of arising material (soil, etc). Waste removal costs are signifiant so we look for smart ways to redistribute arising material around the estate / grounds to reduce off-site removal costs

To find out more about our work with organisations including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds visit our water engineering page or read more about our work with private clients in our case studies. To see more examples of our projects check out our water engineering gallery.

For more information call 01865 736272 or email whc@whitehorsecontractors.co.uk