Renovated with Integrity

White Horse Contractors have returned to Watford Football Club at the end of the season to complete renovation works on the training ground and Vicarage Road stadium pitches.

Following the successful renovation works the White Horse Contractors team completed for Watford Football Club in the summer of 2022, by mid-season it was clear that the pitches at the stadium and the training ground were holding up to the rigors of a 46-match Championship season. This allowed the board and the grounds staff to commit to a full pitch renovation programme in the summer.
Watford Football Club pitch renovations

Arriving at the Training Ground the evening before the works were due to begin ensured the White Horse Contractors’ team were primed and ready to start the playing surface renovations without delay. The following morning the team set to their tasks and the work commenced.

The planning and preparation for the renovation programme was coordinated with the client team through the winter months, so despite the particularly wet March in early 2023, the work proceeded on schedule. Training pitches and show pitches were given the full renovation package, including the removal of organic matter, uni–raking & top-dressing sand spreading.

The White Horse Contractors team successfully completed the training ground renovations and then transferred their specialist machinery directly to the Vicarage Road stadium. Working closely with Head Groundsman, Scott Tingley and his team, the White Horse Contractors team set about renovating the Stadium pitch. Completing the extensive renovation programme on time, including GrassMaster hybrid stitching to make repairs the pitch. Thanks to the expertise, experience and professionalism of the team, the pitch was renovated to the high specifications required for top level professional football, and delivered promptly allowing Scott and his team to prepare the pitch in time for the new season.

The renovation work at the stadium was completed on time and on budget to the delight of Watford FC Head Groundsman, Scott Tingley and his team. Key to the project’s success was the excellent communication, meticulous planning and organisation of the White Horse Contractors team, delivering the high-quality training ground pitches and stadium pitch renovation programme to the exact specifications of the club.

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