Agricultural Land Drainage for Northamptonshire Farm

White Horse Contractors designed and installed a successful agricultural land drainage system in Northamptonshire, improving land yield by increasing the window of opportunity for cultivation and seeding.

Key Achievements

  • Successful design and installation of land drainage across two farmers’ fields

  • Installed a comprehensive network of pipes at varying sizes and lengths

  • Effective interception of multiple feeds of water

  • Extended the window of opportunity for cultivation and seeding


The Farm required a contractor capable of installation agricultural drainage to reduce flooding and increase the yield of two fields. This project includes the rejuvenation of old drainage pipes and the installation of a comprehensive new agricultural drainage system across the farmland.


Impressed with White Horse Contractors previous work on the farm, the Farm requested that we deliver an effective land drainage solution with minimal disruption to ongoing farm operations.

With the area to be drained already served by a decades-old drainage system, we surveyed and assessed the land. Upon our assessment, we traced and intercepted additional feeds of water across the fields.

White Horse developed a design proposal for a new drainage solution to be installed before the coming Spring. Using our Mastenbroek 15/15 trencher, we installed forty-metre spaced lateral agricultural drainage across the two fields in early Spring.


Our team successfully completed the installation of agricultural land drainage in Northamptonshire, after identifying the location of unusually high levels of water, intercepting the source, and draining the land effectively.

The works were completed to the client’s satisfaction and deadline have restored productivity and yield potential to two important fields.

We look forward to working with the client again, in the future.