Two Fields Drained in Oxfordshire For Pick Your Own Farm

This Oxfordshire Farm operates a successful Pick Your Own business. This year, White Horse Contractors installed a new agricultural land drainage system to restore unproductive fields and increase the yield potential of the business, in the future.

Key Achievements

  • First use of XUV Utility Gator vehicle to survey the fields

  • Design and installation of an effective agricultural land drainage system

  • Identification and neutralisation of subterranean risk

The Challenge

The farm operates a successful Pick Your Own business. With two unproductive fields limiting the potential of the business, the Oxfordshire farms land owner decided to invest in drainage to decrease saturated grounds.

The Solution

Having built a relationship with the client over a 20-year period, previously installing multiple land drainage schemes at the farm, White Horse Contractors were invited to return and develop a design proposal for the two failing fields. Working with the farm our team conducted a site survey and liaised with the local authority to develop and gain a thorough understanding of the site and identify any challenge. Through this work, we identified a gas main running through the area to be drained and incorporated this knowledge into our plans.

Operating our Mastenbroek 15/15 trencher
Over 600 tonnes of aggregate backfill
Our client approved our detailed CAD design and specifications for the drainage system and works commenced. We utilised our advanced cable and pipe detection machinery and carefully managed the risks posed by the gas main. Using our Mastenbroek 15/15 80mm pipe was installed with 20m spacing, while backfill stones were added to ensure that water percolates downward to ensure effective drainage of the site.
7000m of pipework installed over two fields


The newly installed drainage system reduces the risk of flooding and ensures the ground will be in the best condition for crop growth during growing season. In completing these works, we are proud to have provided Rectory Farm with the productive land required to grow their business.

“Both Lloyd (Jones, Contracts Manager) and I have worked with the client for a number of years on the farm. We know the area very well and our drainage division have done a brilliant job.”

- Tom Iles, Contracts Manager, White Horse Contractors