Longford Park Country Park Construction

By utilising White Horse Contractor’s substantial heritage and versatility, a national housing consortium was able to deliver a country park in support of 1000 homes being built, connecting these new homes to the Oxford Canal.

Key Achievements

  • Delivery of 30-hectare country park fulfilling planning obligations for major housing development

  • Regeneration of North East Banbury with recreational and communal facilities

  • Construction of extensive primary pathways with street lamps and secondary pathways across the park

  • Landscaping and planting of 600 trees and 10,000 plants

  • Drainage installation across the site to detailed developer specifications

The Challenge

Longford Park is a housing development in Banbury, shared by a national housing consortium of Barratt Homes, Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey, with an accumulation of 1000 houses. To fulfil planning requirements this consortium sought a capable and proven contractor to construct a new country park in line with Cherwell District Council’s planning policy for regeneration of the Banbury East area.

The first phase of the development required the construction of two full size natural turf football pitches. White Horse Contractors won the tender for this work and smoothly delivered the project on time and on budget. Read more about our natural turf sports pitch construction services.

Impressed by the White Horse team, the three national housing companies re-selected White Horse Contractors for the major body of work, the construction of a country park on a challenging site subject to flooding and erosion.

The Solution

Utilising our strengths across the business, we overcame several issues to keep to our project deadline even through complications beyond our control. Our team swiftly ensured the site was safe for use by constructing solutions to issues such as erosion, potential flooding, and unearthing existing floodplains.

White Horse Contractors led the successful transition from design to construction of all pathways, planting, and green spaces to the highest standard. With a history of effective craftsmanship, our team constructed primary and secondary pathways with sufficient lighting leading to the Oxford Canal, as part of the specifications received. Our team drew upon our specialist expertise for each phase of the project so far, ensuring maximum accessibility across the park.

White Horse Contractors collaborated with our main contractors when alterations were made to specifications. Utilising the area to get the most out of the expansive green spaces, we adapted to changes and delivered to a high standard.


Proving our versatility and commitment to the project, we coordinated and delivered the project effectively. Working to existing plans and specifications the White Horse team liaised with the client to provide advice and recommendations throughout the project to improve the quality and value of the finished park.

The team identified issues with the planting plan which would have seen new trees at risk due to potential flooding and water flow across the site. They created and proposed an alternative plan which maintained the volume of planting but adapted the distribution and placement of saplings to reduce risk and maximise long term value to the community.

The team also overcame unforeseen challenges from land erosion and ecology preservation by devising and executing carefully considered changes to the design and adapting the construction process to maintain the schedule.

All 1,000 houses on the development have been sold with residents now enjoying the recreational and health benefits of the new country park.

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