Case Study: Private lake with reed bed construction

Project: Construction of dew ponds, lake and reed beds

Client: Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Principal Contractor: White Horse Contractors Limited

Design: White Horse Contractors Limited & Watercourse Systems Ltd

Contract Value:£208K

Main Works: White Horse Contractors Design & Build

Construction of three water-bodies:

  • horizontal-flow reed bed (88,200 gallons)
  • wildlife pond (153,600 gallons)
  • main lake (2,603,000 gallons)

Situated in a natural valley, the valley floor had to be lowered by a metre to reduce the overall height of the retaining bund, while maintaining the desired depths of water. The water bodies were formed in the chalk down lands and lined with a triple-layer liner system, consisting of a 400gms/m² geotextile over an underlay and 0.75mm excelastic membrane, welded insitu.

Reed Bed Construction – Design in Association with Watercourse Systems Ltd
Under the direction of Watercourse Systems, White Horse Contractors constructed a vertical- flow reed bed into the chalk down lands, lined with a Bentonite underlay, 0.75mm Excelastic membrane, and a 400gm/m² Geotextile overlay. The reed bed construction included the installation of drainage pipe works, headwalls, dosing chambers and the placement of 1,100 tonnes of Bristol Channel grit and 200 tonnes of Oolitic limestone, both of which, when combined with the reeds, acted as the filter for agricultural effluent.

“In undertaking construction of the vertical-flow reed bed and balancing pond, White Horse Contractors was building structures that included details that were unfamiliar to most contractors. Therefore it was with some surprise (given experience with certain other contractors) and of great benefit to my operations that I was able to rely on rapid uptake of my ideas and quality installation, usually conducted in my absence in readiness for inspection. In addition, the unusual range of plant equipment deployed by WHC dramatically accelerated installation. I was most impressed with the consistent professionalism of the company’s team – from supervisors to ground workers – and look forward to working with it on future projects. ”

Lake Construction

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Construction of three water-bodies.

Vertical- flow reed bed into the chalk down lands.

Installation of drainage pipe works, headwalls, dosing chambers.

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