White Horse meets Les Ferdinand, QPR Director of Football, to discuss the new training ground.

24th Feb 2022

“The guys have promised certain things and they’ve stuck to those promises. Being here today and seeing the starting of the stitching of the pitches, gets me really excited. I might have to come out of retirement when it’s all done and dusted.” – Les Ferdinand

Watch the full interview with Les Ferdinand below.

The calm after the storm.

Despite Storm Eunice causing havoc across the country, QPR’s Director of Football “Sir Les” walked the site with our Technical Director Dr James Welsh, to discuss the progress at the new Heston Training Ground. With GrassMaster Solutions landing on-site, following a successful winter period of delivering a stable subbase, Les was able to see the stitching process first-hand on the site.

Why White Horse Contractors, why a GrassMaster installation?

We knew Les was a fan of the GrassMaster stitched system, so we asked him exactly why QPR wanted the combination of White Horse's sports turf construction knowledge, combined with the pioneering hybrid solution.

“I often said when I first came into the club (within the DoF role) and they were talking about what they were going to do, I was saying that this was going to be the best system for us. It's like going to work and saying I'm working with an Apple computer or one of those ones that the Flinstones used to use! I think you know when the boys are coming in day in, day out and they're on that surface, you need the best surface for them to get the best that they can out of the training, and I'm so pleased the club have gone that way.”

Les Ferdinand, QPR's Director of Football
Hear from our Technical Director James Welsh, on the importance of installing a reliable hybrid system:

Replicating success on the pitch(es)

The new training ground project is on course for the successful delivery of phase one prior to the 2022/23 season, inclusive of three new hybrid turf football pitches, rehabilitation grids, goalkeeping areas, under-pitch heating, a bespoke irrigation system and soundproof netting.

Two pitches will mirror The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium and one will replicate some of QPR’s opposition pitches up and down the country. The former QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspur and England player, had this to say about the new pitches:
Dr James Welsh speaking with "Sir Les" on the project site.

With thanks

White Horse Contractors would like to thank Les, Paul, Sam and the Team at QPR for their hospitality this week and look forward to sharing updates of the site with them in the near future.

For more information call 01865 736272 or email whc@whitehorsecontractors.co.uk