Commercial Clients

White Horse Contractors is not only a specialist contracting company. Through the design and construction of natural and artificial sports pitches, including 3rd Generation (3G) turf, all weather sports pitches ('astro turf'), artificial grass lawns, water management projects and specialist agricultural contractors and land drainage installations, we are your project partners.

Understanding the intimate detail of your project, whether a sports pitch construction or lake or pond building, ensures that our unique approach to contract delivery will seek out efficiencies in both time and cost, whilst reducing environmental impact and providing aesthetic enhancement.

Private Clients

Over the past 55 years White Horse Contractors have constructed numerous lakes, ponds and water features for a diverse portfolio of private clients, each with their own specific agenda.

In addition to our water engineering specialties, we have undertaken a number of whole-scale large garden construction projects amongst which are a complete overhaul of a swimming pool and associated apparatus, construction of tennis courts and artificial cricket wickets, croquet lawns, formal lawns and wildflower turf areas, outdoor bar/entertaining areas and paving, artificial grass lawns, garden and woodland planting schemes. More

Consultancy Service

White Horse Consultancy is a division of White Horse Contractors Ltd (established 1957) and is uniquely placed to offer a comprehensive consultancy service that combines a thorough technical grounding in soil and water engineering and agronomy with over 50 years of practical construction experience, within the agricultural, amenity, environmental, equestrian and sports turf sectors. Our services include:

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Site Investigations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Full Design Service
  • Project Management

Soil and water engineering encompasses a broad range of disciplines that can be integrated for the design of sports facilities such as football and rugby pitches, cricket squares and outfields, golf courses and polo lawns as well as land drainage schemes, reservoirs and wetlands.


S&C Slatter Acquires White Horse Contractors

S&C Slatter is delighted to confirm the acquisition of White Horse Contractors Limited which becomes a member of The Slatter Group.

White Horse Contractors & S&C Slatter

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Our team of designers possess the ability to visualise your finished product using state of the art technology, whether football pitches or golf course construction. More


White Horse Contractors welcome nothing more than a new challenge, providing us with the opportunity to develop the ideal solution. More


Our experienced team of engineers and consultants use a range of technical knowledge, specialist plant and equipment to deliver a design vision. More

Customer Satisfaction

In our Customer Satisfaction Survey 92% responded that on average they were satisfied/ very satisfied with our services.

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