Continuing to invest by welcoming a new Mastenbroek 20/15 trencher to our fleet

27th May 2021

White Horse Contractors continue to invest in new technologies, adding a new Mastenbroek 20/15 trencher to our already expanding fleet trenching equipment. Our new addition has been mobilised to site, to install a new drainage scheme, as part of a natural turf sports construction site in Berkshire.

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Enhancing our trencher fleet

Enhancing our self-maintained and owned array of plant and machinery, White Horse Contractors have invested in a brand-new trencher with built-in GPS technology for maximum accuracy and productivity for future sports and agricultural drainage projects. Built on a trusted relationship with expert trencher manufacturers Mastenbroek we have once again invested with innovation in mind. Picking up our new trencher straight from their HQ in Lincolnshire and transporting straight to our site in Berkshire, White Horse are not wasting any time when it comes to efficiency.

Managing Director David Smith believes the 20/15 trencher will enhance White Horse’s capabilities further within the industry:

“An investment like this isn’t made lightly. Having assessed our long-term plans for the business, we decided that additional capacity and production would be required. The move to GPS also aligns with the Slatter Group ethos of utilising the latest technology on our construction sites”

David Smith, Managing Director, White Horse Contractors Ltd.
White Horse Contractors would like to express their gratitude to Chris Pett and the team at Mastenbroek for their assistance throughout and will continue to work with the expert designers and manufacturers of trenching solutions in the future.


The 20/15 trenchers’ installed GPS technology will ensure the autosteer of drainage lines, eliminating the need for our current laser system. Meaning our specialist team will have the ability to lay out schematics and record data in one clean sweep of the site. Saving time and manpower on projects that previously may have needed more of both.

We have always delivered effective and accurate solutions in the past; this innovation will assist in ensuring a continuation of precise delivery in the future. Included on the new trencher is the acclaimed Trimble® WM Software. This integrated software will help to increase the collection of survey and design data, meaning our team will continue to convert plans into reality with increased efficiency.

The machine will also calculate our stone usage, which will prove invaluable on larger drainage projects and any new drainage schemes will be recorded digitally, meaning access to material usage, plans and schemes will be at our fingertips.

Consistent delivery of land drainage solutions

Delivering effective drainage to our array of clients has been an integral part of White Horse Contractors for over 60 years. Our new Mastenbroek 20/15 will assist the business in continuing to carry out these works to the high-quality standard we pride ourselves on.

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From Mastenbroek HQ in Lincolnshire...
To our sports construction site in Berkshire.

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