Flying high with new qualifications!

21st May 2021

At The Slatter Group, we don’t just invest in plant and machinery, we invest in people. With new aviation laws introduced in 2021, The Slatter Group required members of our marketing division to pass new examinations to ensure we can continue to provide aerial updates of our construction sites to an optimum standard.

Construction underway for a Country Park in Oxfordshire (image taken using our Mavic Pro 2)

Investing in our team

The Slatter Group has always ensured the utilisation of every piece of machinery when capturing information on our sites, this includes aerial photography. Our drone operators gain knowledge from above to give our team and our clients a holistic overview of our sites and further to this, any potential challenges we may face. Giving our clients a unique perspective that they may not be able to access from the ground.

With new drone flight laws introduced in 2021, the Group sent two members of our team to train and pass these new examinations, ensuring we could continue to operate from the skies, to optimum standards. With a view from above, our team can truly capture the vastness and variety of projects we undertake daily. When two members of our team expressed an interest in progressing within their roles to obtain these new qualifications, we gave them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn new skills.

We’re pleased to announce that members of our marketing division, Grace (S&C Slatter) and Jake (White Horse Contractors) have achieved The General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competence (A2CofC) certifications, with CAA authorisation for commercial operation.

This first-class achievement for our keen aviators means that we can continue to conduct visual line of sight drone operations within the Open and Specific Operating Categories across the UK.
An artificial pitch project in Warwickshire (image taken using our Mavic Pro 2)

Ready for takeoff

In the Civil Aviation Authority CAP722, the CAA state, “The key element of the Specific category is that the Unmanned Aircraft System operator is required to hold an operational authorisation, which has been issued by the CAA.”

For our commercial aviators, the Specific category is crucial to the sites they will be visiting.

Whether we are building a new multi-sports facility for a sports club, an artificial hockey pitch, renovating an elite sports pitch, constructing a new lake for a private client, Jake and Grace have the capabilities to fly at heights that will enable our clients to see exactly what stage of the project we are on, whilst safely adhering to aviation law.

Thank you for flying with us

We would like to thank the team at Flyby Technology for their guidance, teachings, and ongoing support. We will continue to put their teachings into practice.

We can’t wait to show existing and prospective clients that we’re soaring both in the air and on the ground.

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