Contracts Chat: Our Q&A with Contracts Manager Colin McBeth

24th Aug 2021

We sit down with Contracts Manager Colin McBeth to reflect on past successes at White Horse Contractors and look forward to some of the exciting projects ahead this season.

Hi Colin, how are things? Looking forward to a busy season?

Hello! Yes, this year has shaped up to be another busy one, we have plenty of exciting upcoming and continuing projects, with many others being handed over in the next few months.

Are there any that stick out to you that will be remembered for years to come?

Whilst I'd like to think in some way they will all be remembered one way or another, completing the construction of the Slough Cemetery Extension will be a key project that we will reflect on with pride as a company and across The Slatter Group.

Being there from the start during the initial consultation and design stage, to where it is now is an extremely positive achievement for the design, construction and maintenance teams here. That's one that sticks out for me, our civil engineering and landscaping teams should be very proud of the work they've done in Berkshire.

For the future, we have a new hybrid sports surface installation at Whitgift School in London that I'll be managing, we're in the early stages of earthworks and drainage for this, but we're all very excited to see the results of this highly technical project later in the Summer. We'll be welcoming our hybrid sports partners GrassMaster Solutions in August to install this elite surface, together.
Slough Cemetery Extension, managed by Colin McBeth

Tell us more about your background at White Horse:

I joined the company in 2006 after working predominantly within the golf industry, constructing new golf courses across the globe.

I enjoy playing golf and my passion for sports is why I enjoy my role here so much. I have a degree in Sports Turf Management and have a tendency to assess sports pitches even when I'm off the clock at the Ibrox watching Rangers too!

What have been your biggest challenges to overcome in your role?

Mother Nature! She can put a stop to almost any project whenever she chooses, but we have ways to work around difficult weather conditions here. Sometimes you have no option but to put things on hold, which can be difficult, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles within this industry.

We all experience the ebbs and flows of poor weather, it's about how you react to those moments that define your projects and what you can achieve.

What changes have you seen within the company during your time at White Horse Contractors?

Being here for almost fifteen years, it would be difficult to mark out every change and trend that I've seen.

The biggest and arguably most important change has been The Slatter Group's acquisition of the company and seeing us grow from strength to strength within the Group. It's certainly a hugely positive moment in the White Horse history and something that will continue to help us to achieve our clients' goals in the future.

When dealing with clients, what is your favourite aspect of your management process?

I always thoroughly enjoy the initial consultation, whether the client is excited to get works done, or in need of a solution, I enjoy the thrill of knowing we can support projects with the quality and reliability required. Clients tend to trust us and we sometimes get calls from people we have worked with for twenty years because they know we do a good job well and have the capabilities to produce the required standards.

That initial contact and conversation gives our clients the assurances they need, and then when the job is complete, they usually call us again in the future to work with us, which is always nice!

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