World-famous Guards Polo Club entrust White Horse Contractors to construct two new full-size polo pitches

29th Apr 2022

Guards Polo Club, based in Windsor Great Park have selected White Horse Contractors to construct two full-size polo pitches at their world-famous Polo Club. Contracts Manager for this project Juan Ferreira Ceballos will lead our team in ensuring the successful reconstruction of two equestrian polo pitches across 20 weeks in 2022.

It’s in our DNA

As equestrian specialists, we are extremely proud to have been selected to return to Windsor Great Park. Former Managing Director Johan Koster completed the construction of Ground One in the 1990s. See Johan featured in our company timeline here.

We have a rich history of working with elite level polo clubs across the country and this invitation to return is proof of our technical capabilities.

Following a consultation period including planning and design works with Dr James Welsh, we are extremely proud to have accepted the contract, and works have begun in Great Windsor Park. We would like to thank Guards Polo Club for their communications throughout the tender process, building on our established relationship with this esteemed client.

A sustainable approach

Guards will once again benefit from our elite polo pitch constructions. With the wider project consisting of a new sustainable drainage solution in the form of a new wetland, our diverse range of skills at WHC will be on show for all at the club to see.

This landmark project will include a bespoke drainage installation of 21,000lm of 80mm pipework across the new polo pitches. The Club will benefit from drainage systems that will direct water to the wetland, ensuring the most positive environmental impact possible at the Windsor Great Park venue.

Our team always ensures that we construct with a sustainable approach, and we will be utilising our Water Engineering experience when constructing the new wetland. As a contractor that provides a wide range of services, a project such as this is a fantastic opportunity to ensure our clients benefit from every aspect of the business.

See just how diverse we are.

Benefitting from our experience

From 1957 to today, WHC have constructed successful equestrian projects at Park Place (Henley), Ascot Racecourse, Royal Berkshire Polo Club and many private estates. Guards Polo have once again entrusted White Horse with the task of constructing these elite polo surfaces to withstand regular play through the polo season, and we would like to thank them for once again selecting us.

Our history of constructing the very best equine facilities is evident in our case studies, click the images below:

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